Firebird News and Events

Want to know the latest happenings at Littleton Elementary STEM Academy? We love sharing good news with you! We update this page frequently with school news and events, student awards, and helpful parenting tips. We also invite you to view our newsletter.

Nurse’s Notes

We are sending out another notice to teachers, staff, and parents that the district is seeing an increase in the number of students with head lice. Take just a moment and look at the “Ten Signs of Head Lice” in our January 2019 newsletter. If your student has any of these signs, please take the necessary sets to treat the affected family member immediately and check anyone else in the household.

Spelling Bee

Congratulations to all our classroom spellers for their performance in the spelling bee on December 20. Tami Balogun and Katherine Morales battled it out for first and second place. Congratulations to school champion, Tami Balogun!

Free Parenting Workshop

We invite you to participate in First Five Years™ program. This is a four-session series in February 2019 for parents and caregivers of children birth to age five. Space is limited and you must register to attend. Please view this workshop flyer for the details.

Arizona Kith and Kin Project

Do you care for children of friends or family in your home? We invite you to join us weekly for training, support, school readiness, and more. There is no cost for this program. Please read through the Arizona Kith and Kin Project flyer to learn more.